Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Ebil that is Pr0nogrpahy

What to do about pornography?  A Catholic psychotherapist has the  answers.

"When a man looks at a pornographic image, there is a chemical reaction going on in the brain. Dopamine is released, there is euphoria, and, when combined with sexual arousal and orgasm, it becomes what I call the "perfect recipe" for an addiction. Thus they're going to be more attracted to the pictures and videos."

Men look at nookie, and do naughty things, and like it.  Check.

"Women, on the other hand, are more relationally oriented, so they're looking into the chat rooms where they can develop a false persona. Here they can be anyone they want to be, look anyway they want to look, and engage in these erotic relationships with men on the Internet, all through words. It is like they're working with this man and writing their own romance novel together -- and that is what they get addicted to."

Women like to lie, pretend they are prettier than they are, and read romance novels.  Wow, and they say men don't understand us.

"The initial response in a wife to identifying pornography use in her husband is as devastating as discovering an affair. She responds strongly from her sensitive heart and powerful emotional life, and experiences feelings of betrayal, pain, sadness, strong anger, mistrust and a loss of her sense of goodness and beauty."

Right on.  I once caught my boyfriend looking at tentacle porn and I immediately felt evil and ugly.  Which was fortunate really because it made me a lot more like a tentacled monster so my boyfriend was thrilled.  Silly me, I though he was watching it for the bimbos.

"And of course, what does pornography do? It also promotes contraception, because it makes sex nothing more than a recreational activity. It takes away the relational and procreative aspects of it, so nothing good can come out of it."

Oh no! I never realised what a slippery slope it was.  First pornography, next... condoms!


marcus said...

Hey now. Yanno. Condoms eat people. EVERY SPERM IS SACRED. Monster.

Can I have more dopamine now?

veinglory said...

No dopamine until you have finished your serotonin!

Amanda Young said...

Oh my... I needed that laugh.

Athena Grayson said...

TL;DR: people think of sex when we want them to be thinking about the Church. This is the same Church that rails against oral sex between married couples because, "men go to prostitutes for oral sex, and you wouldn't want to do the same thing as a prostitute, would you?"

Completely ignoring the fact that men go to prostitutes for companionship and conversation as well, so let's not have any of that in the marriage, either.

Fae said...

Nothing good can come of it? Wow, I dunno about you guys, but an orgasm is pretty damn good. even without an orgasm sex can be pretty damn good.

Of course, I refuse to procreate so the majority of religious zealots seem to think I should remain celibate for the rest of my life. Because sex is only for making the baybees, doncha know.