Sunday, June 13, 2010

Ebook catalogue--Ebookism

Ebookism is the idea of DMinoz--it is meant to be a kind of online catalogue.  I find the idea a bit confusing.  Why would you need a catalogue for a digital product?  I went to look at Ebookism on the site of the only other current participant, Dashing Books.  Ebooks of all genres in an arbitrary order?  Hmmm.  It may seem like a way to cross promote, but it sure doesn't look like a way to sell books.  But perhaps writers and readers of romance are spoiled for choice already when it comes to promotional opportunities and online vendors who not only display, but sell and distribute ebooks.  However Ebookism is a step up from the usual sort of display site and might be useful for under-exposed micropresses and self-publishers.  You can submit books via a simple online form.  But keep in mind that you have to post your own Ebookism page and send them your visitors, not just get visitors from them.

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