Tuesday, June 08, 2010

[MARKET] Decadent Publishing

Decadent Publishing

"Decadent Publishing is now open to general submissions of all genres of romance and erotica, as well as urban fantasy, science fiction and fantasy with strong romantic elements."

Planned opening: August 1st


Barbara Sheridan said...

Website's a bit of a mess. And why oh WHY do new companies never or rarely have anything of substance about who they are and what their publishing experience is?

Anonymous said...

A quick Google search revealed the following information:

Decadent Publishing is a joint venture between author Samantha Gail (5 titles published with eXtasy Books, 1 each with iUniverse and Publish America, with another book soon to be published by Decadent Publishing). No publishing experience save for having been published.

The "executive editor" is Heather Bennett who, so far as I can determine, has no actual editing or publishing experience. Self-describes as a "reader, reviewer, and now an editor." Reviews (reviewed?) for CoffeeTimes Romance.

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