Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Apple: From No-Nipple Apps to No-Nookie Books

I can't say this was unpredictable.  It looks like Apple's Itunes store may be pushing erotica to the back, removing erotic titles from the best-selling lists and apparently disabling the search function. And this is censorship at its least transparent as neither the authors nor the media have been given any explanation.  Based on Apple's track record I am certainly not the only one not giving any benefit of the doubt. [link fixed]

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Angie said...

Lovely. Torquere adjusted their prices to be in accordance with Apple's pricing rules. Now I'm wondering whether our books are going to be allowed in that store at all. :/

And you know, Apple is a private company and they can sell or refuse to sell whatever they want. If they're going to cut out entire genres, though, they should stand up, announce their policy, and own it. This silence crap isn't impressing anyone. What, did they imagine no one would notice??