Monday, July 05, 2010

Captiva Press

I am definitely beginning to suffer from epublisher fatigue, but I shall do my best.

Captiva Press is--it seems--an imprint of Placida Publishing that launched in November last year..

About Captiva Press - Placida Publishing, LLC: Captiva Press is an imprint of Placida Publishing, LLC. We are a royalty paying, non-subdsidy, non-vanity press based in Florida. We do not charge authors for any services. Our staff has over twenty years combined experience in editing, publishing, journalism, and related fields. Our goal is to first build a strong web presence in several niche genres, filling a need for quality fiction in those markets. We are interested in quality writing, fresh voices, and strong storytelling skills that will keep the reader wanting more.

Publisher: W. B. Richardson

Editor in Chief: Stephanie Q. McGrath

At this time, we are taking unsolicited general submissions for the following genres, in addition to the open lines listed below: erotica (regardless of sub-genre), romance (regardless of sub-genre), horror, mystery/thriller. General submissions can be mainstream or GLBT.

They have an open call for steampunk; I am beginning to think steampunk might be the new tarot.

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