Saturday, July 31, 2010

Duel of the RomanceEbooks

Back in February I wrote: "1RomanceEbooks seems like a great site but surely they could have chosen a name that doesn't seem such a blatant riff on AllRomanceEbooks?" Well, it seems that life imitates blog. A lawsuit filed on 14 July 2010 arguing, in essence, that 1RomanceEbooks is infringing on the trademark of AllRomanceEbooks. I can say nothing on the accuracy or legitimacy of the lawsuit, but it certainly makes for some interesting reading.

I do, however, wonder why authors are being embroiled in this dispute between AllRomanceEbooks and 1RomanceBooks. Specifically an authors who display the 1RomanceEbooks name or logo as part of their promotion (for example the 1RomanceEbooks blog tour). Legally if a person neglects to assert their right to a trademark, this can be used to defend an infringement suit. So I suppose AllRomanceEbooks feels it is necessary to do this?

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