Thursday, July 22, 2010

An excerpt from my adventures in the Absolute Write forums

Originally Posted by Lillibridge Press
[excerpt] "I want to wish all the writers on here good luck in their writing endeavors, but here are some words to ponder... HOW you write about any publishing house be it Lillibridge Press or any other, isn't only read by those you’d expect. You never know when another publisher might read your harsh comment, too."

My response
To me this reads as a passive-aggressive threat that anyone who dares to question the virtues of Lillibridge will end up on some kind of publisher black list. I think this makes Lillibridge look both hostile and foolish.

[original post]

Publishers naturally only want people to say nice things about them.  As a result some of them like to say or imply that anyone who dares to question any publisher for any reason gets on the bad side of all publishers.

Criticism is not in itself going to make you look bad so long as it is stated honestly and without malice--so long as it is stated as opinion, based on fact, and retracted when in error.

And any publisher who has a problem with that is not a publisher I would want to do business with.


Mary Winter said...

I have to say that as a publisher, if I had two equally awesome manuscripts, but one was from a pollyanna "everyone play nice and never say anything bad" author, and the other was from an author who gives thoughtful, well written, yet not always positive posts, I'm choosing the later. I'd much rather have the author who poses good questions, looks out for not only herself, but other authors in a forum such as AW.

Angie said...

I've never posted to AW, and I'm not going to make my first post be a snark on someone else's snark [wry smile] but I have to say that this:

I once read somewhere that calling out someone's passive-aggressive nature is passive-aggressive.

strikes me as an only slightly more sophisticated way of saying "I know you are, but what am I?" [eyeroll]

Aside from the fact that it indicates she has no idea what "passive agressive" means. Using a term you're clearly not familiar with isn't great advertising for a publisher.