Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Hubpages and Homophobia

Hubpages is essentially a content site where you can put up content and split the adsense click 60/40.  Recently they have been cracking down on content that Google Adsense doesn't like, which is fair enough.  However it has led, predictably, to conent being taken down that the authors think is not objectionable.  Here sis one of the clarifying emails.

"In partnership with our advertising partners, we've identified below some areas that are not suitable for advertising but that, at our discretion, we may allow to remain published without ads:

Reproductive medical content (including vaginal and penile issues and sexually transmitted diseases)
Content about sexuality, including losing your virginity, fetish, or LGBT issues
Content about abortion, circumcision, rape, incest, pedophilia, and molestation
Content describing violent crimes or gruesome accidents
Lewd or profane humor, including provocative entendre
Restrained journalistic or fine art nudity
If the content of your hub falls into one of these areas, please set the Ad Level to 'None'. If you have specific questions, please contact us."

Okay, so lets look at this.  Any queer issue is automatically too obscene for advertising whether it relates to sex or not? Also anything to do with genitals and anything remotely to do with sex or sexual violence, or nudity.

Meanwhile Google adsense itself runs ads for hook-up sites.

Seriously, people, all this does is reinforce the idea that anything to do with queer identity, sexual health and nudity is depraved and obscene--and that is what is more digusting than anything on the Hub Pages "naughty" list.

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Angie said...

Agree completely. That's ridiculous as well as bigoted.

It's amazing and depressing that still, in the 21st century, there are people (including a few publishers, to whom I'll never submit anything) who think that GLBT automatically equals hot/obscene/offensive. :(