Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Lazy Day

Fair disclosure: I am feeling particularly snarky today.  You have been warned.

LazyDay Publishing is a new digital publisher that is focused on the future of storytelling.

"Lazy" is never really a quality I am looking for in a publisher, but let's assume that they are referring to a good day to read books. If they are focused on the future of story-telling I hope they are myopic.  As an author I hope for a publisher focused on the sales of my manuscript within the very foreseeable future.

All books will be on our site, but will also be available with all the leading third party distributors. Our books will be easily available in all leading formats. LazyDay Publishing will be a dominating presence in the future of the digital book.

Dominating, huh.  based on what? Because selling ebooks in multiple formats through the usual vendors is a basic requirement for a viable epublisher, not dominating.
LazyDay Publishing will be officially launching December 1, 2010! Please follow us during this exciting time by visiting our site as well as following us on Twitter.

Excitement is not the main goal I have as an author.  Unless you count the excitement of receiving a cheque in the mail.
Our initial web page is designed for the author...

This strikes me as a good way to scare off experienced authors.

...but will vastly change on December 1, 2010 to become a fully integrated online ebook store and digital publishing house that will be focused on the reader.

We are actively pursuing authors who want to be part of our team.

This sounds like the epublishing equivalent of 'forced seduction'.

Please see our submission guidelines on how to get published. http://www.lazydaypub.com

They seem to be accepting all genres including non-fiction and poetry. Good luck to them, I guess.


Anonymous said...


13. What are you looking for in an author?

We are looking for someone we can work closely with. We see this as a partnership, and so therefore we need to like you. Yes, we want a good book, but we also want a driven, career focused individual to join our team. No divas, paranoid crazy “artists”, intellectual snobs or lazy authors allowed. We do mean that in the nicest way.

marcus said...

Oh, the submissions page. Sounds like a high school teacher dictating essay requirements. Now remember class, this is how we appear "professional."