Wednesday, July 21, 2010


"JMS Books LLC is a new small press catering to fans of queer erotic romance as well as a variety of other genres. We publish in print and electronic formats, and our royalty rates are very competitive ~ among the best in e-publishing. Authors early 50% net royalties on all sales."


"Our doors will officially open on July 1, 2010, but in the meantime feel free to look around!"


"Authors earn 50% of the net proceeds"


"JMS Books LLC accepts all genres of gay, lesbian, and transgender fiction. This includes erotica, romance, young adult, and stories without erotic or romantic content. We also accept general fiction (not GLBT), non-fiction, and poetry ... We prefer stories where erotica and romance are not the main focus of the plot."

 So like, they don't want genre romance, but do accept it.... Um.

"We also do not accept stories with "gay for you" plot lines, multiple-partner relationships, or which portray GLBT characters or their sexuality negatively ... We aren’t considering heterosexual or bisexual erotica or romance at this time."

"J.M. Snyder, Owner"


Anonymous said...

Yet another author who think she can run her own company. No content editing????


kirsten saell said...

What I love is how according to the quoted text, somehow the term "queer" doesn't encompass bisexuality. "Queer erotic romance" is their specialty, but only as long as it embraces a monosexual view of sex and love.

Does this mean a monogamous f/f or m/m romance where one character still likes members of the opposite sex is out? I mean, what exactly is bisexual romance? Are we still living in a universe where the only conceivable way to "be" bisexual is to have multiple partners of both sexes?

I mean, if they don't want to publish bi-fiction, that's fine. But if that's the case, don't claim to "cater to fans of queer erotic romance", because you're not--you're catering to a specific segment of them--monosexuals--and leaving a lot of others out in the cold.

Anonymous said...

JMS is not keen on bisexuals, as seen when they started Rainbow Reviews--they refused to review bisexual books until enough authors kicked up a fuss. As Kirsten has said, if someone doesn't want bisexual books, it's a shame, but it's their venture. However, don't include the B in LGBT if it's going to be ignored.