Monday, July 26, 2010

New Epublisher: Etopia

Can I contain my exci--cycnism.  I shall try.

Etopia Press

What genres are they interested in?  Pretty much all of them.

"Etopia Press is the brainchild of Annie Melton and her silent partner, J.D."

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Angie said...

At least Ms. Melton has actual experience working for an erotic romance publisher; that puts her head and shoulders above most of the other baby start-up e-pubs we see springing up, who have either no publishing-related experience at all, or are authors who seem to think that selling produce to a restaurant qualifies you to open a restaurant on your own. I'm not sure why Ms. Melton listed her corporate publication experience first -- I started groaning at that point, because that's a very different business -- but whatever. I'll tack several percentage points on to their likelihood of survival over people who, ferinstance, are experienced in "business" but have never done anything in publishing before.

But yes, if they're actually trying to found a baby start-up by publishing pretty much every genre of fiction except for pure porn and kiddie picture books, that's a major red flag. [deducts previously awarded points] She sure didn't pick up that idea from Treva Harte. :/