Tuesday, July 06, 2010


  • More problems at NightShade Books: "Night Shade has stolen the ebook rights to The Mall of Cthulhu. They do not own them and are offering an electronic edition for sale through webscription.net, which is affiliated with Baen Books, a real publisher who should know better. Nine months ago, Night Shade made a verbal offer to pay me a small sum for the rights. I agreed. They've never paid me. They claimed their unauthorized edition was an oversight, and that was somewhat credible at the time. Nine months later, it's clear that this is not an oversight. It's a theft of my intellectual property."
  • Official response from Nightshade Books.
  • Someone employed by Solstice, which was once Hearts on Fire Books, has started the an epublisher of childrens' books called Fairy Tales and Dreams.

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