Thursday, July 22, 2010

Who is your auto-read?

As an author, I think I have become a somewhat jaded reader.  But when my delivery arrived today I experienced that familiar thrill.  A book had arrived that I had been looking forward to.  I am clearing my schedule for tonight and logging off.  Which begs the question, for you authors out there is there still an author whose work lets you read like you are kid again, keenly anticipated and fully engrossed?  And if so, who?


Keira Ramsay said...

Oh man...for me it's Devon Monk and Jeaniene Frost. I actually save their new releases until I'd dying with anticipation...kinda like your most favorite chocolate in the box *G*

veinglory said...

I am back, breifly. Halfway through Lee & Miller's 'Dragon and Mouse'. Dumb title, good book. Just making a G&T and heading back to the sofa.

Melisse Aires said...

I just got this myself--I'm collecting books for my vacation in a week.