Thursday, August 05, 2010

Joy Berry--no love for erotica

Erotica author Joy Berry has attracted the ire of the lawyers of parenting advice guru Joy Berry, as explained on the Smashwords blog.  Like Mark at Smashwords I am sure this is a coincidence which could probably have been amicably resolved.  However the PG Berry and/or her lawyers apparently don't believe in giving any benefit of the doubt.  Kudos to the erotica author who made the move from Joy Berry to a new pen name of Ginger Starr.  Rather than losing a name she is gaining the moral high ground. (Ginger Starr at Smashwords).  As for PG Berry's highly valuable good name, I think it may come out of this tempest in B-cup a little the worse for wear.  [via POD people]

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Angie said...

Oh, good grief. :/ I'm with Mark -- Joy Berry the children's author has gone way over the top on this. I loved the, Doubtless you've heard of my illustrious, internationally-famous client bit. [eyeroll] I for one have never heard of her, or the other one. I doubt very much that there's a huge overlap between the two writers' audiences. It's like illegally slipping your coupon for a half-off cheeseburger into the promo flier of a salad bar. How effective is it going to be, really? Sure, there'll be some overlap, but if you're going to get someone mad at you, you'd be better off slipping your burger coupon into the flier for a steakhouse instead, you know?

I think Ms. Children's Expert is just in a hissy-snit over the gall of some dirty erotica writer using her hallowed name. It's moral outrage, with no legal force behind it. Except, of course, the force that comes with being able to afford lawyers when the person you're harrasssing cannot.