Thursday, August 12, 2010

MARKET: Lionhearted Publishing (closed to submissions)

Forever, My Knight
Lionhearted is a romance epublisher.  They state that books are released as paperback and ebooks.  But while they publish ebooks it seems they don't (or didn't) accept email submission of manuscripts.

"If an editor is interested in seeing your work, they will ask you to send the material via postal mail. "Requested Material" should be written clearly on the outside of the mailing envelope/package. Include a return envelope with prepaid postage if you want your material returned, or it will be recycled."

The paperback option is described as 'not POD' but also doesn't seem to involve being on the shelf in stores.  Also most of the titles they list on Amazon are trade sized (and priced).

A Hallow Heart"We do not stock shelves with inventory that would be considered "old" in a month and covers stripped and books throw away."

They seem to have a smallish output (which,IMHO, is a good thing) and to get got reviews including from print bastions like Romantic Times.  However the cover art ranges from okay to terrible.

An Absolute Write thread suggests that  this publisher became inactive a few years ago.  It is hard to tell from the website, but Amazon suggests that they have had  only one new release since 2007.


Barbara Sheridan said...

I didn't even know they were still around. I thought they disappeared long ago. They started back when I did near the end of the last century, and they never seemed all that reliable to me then.

veinglory said...

I was kind of ignoring them until I saw that they had a 2010 release.

Anonymous said...

The book released in 2010 somehow has a review from 2008.

I don't recall the details, but when this publisher first appeared (10 years ago?), authors were expected to sell their own books. I believe one of their first authors did manage to sell a reasonable number, but was hampered by all the problems that authors have today when the publisher provides little distribution and little marketing.

Victoria Strauss said...

I saw some Lionhearted contracts a few years ago. Unless it has changed a lot since, it's not exactly author-friendly (among other things, the contracts I saw took rights not just to the manuscript, but to all aspects of the manuscript, including characters, setting, etc.)