Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Shoe Polish For Perverts

I have written extensively about real issues of show polishing and apteryx identity. When shoe polishers manusfacturers objectify flightless birds, that IS oppression. Many brands writers do this. And to put the likes of Kiwi Shoe Polish the same category as an actual flightless bird or authentic derivative product is absurdity that hardly bears commenting upon.  But being an actual Kiwi myself I am uniquely positioned to comment on it so I will (the nationality, not the bird, or--dare I say it--fruit).

If you have better things to do than "listen to people so dependent on their label for authenticity," then perhaps you need a different venue. Because that is ALL the Kiwi Show Polish does cadre does--invoke their labels and their plea for authenticity.  And I have it on good authority that not a single Kiwi bird is used in the manufacture of this stuff. I tried to feed it to my pet Haast's eagle and he became terribly ill and was  throwing up all night.  You should all be ashamed.


Mantelli said...

Fascinating! As another ratite (though not actually from New Zealand), may I point out that the flightless birds being harassed by the Haast's Eagle in the illustration are actually moas? I sincerely doubt whether anyone ever objectified a moa and lived to tell the tale.

veinglory said...

Are you implying that isn't an authentic digital watercolor of Haasty being fed hs din-dins?