Tuesday, August 10, 2010

So what's the deal with Amish romance?

USA Today recently covered the surge in the popularity of Amish romance. Most inspirations seems to attempt to match the religion and morals of the character to those of the reader. But all these Amish stories are certainly not being sold to the Amish, who are banned from reading them.

The romance blog-elite are quoted, included Jane of Dear Author who suggest the small town atmosphere is a large part of the appeal. Others reference the Christian value or lack of sex. And, of course, they could just be part of the rotating spectrum of humanity subject to fictional objectification (last month: native Americans, next month: Greek millionaires).

Today, Psychology Today, Jezebel, ABC and a little further back Time are all giving this topic (Amish romance novels) prominent coverage... is it the zeitgeist, or did someone at Bethany House wrote a  really good press release?

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Sarah J. MacManus said...

It's economics - during a depression or a recession, people look to entertainment that glorifies virtuous behavior.

After the 80's and 90's, I kind of think it's nice to know we're still capable of it. ;)