Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Vintage Reflections Publishing

This seems to be another non-erotic romance epublisher.

Vintage Reflections Publishing

"Established in February 2004, Vintage Reflections Publishing, LLC began publishing digital books with a focus on classic historical romances set in the early 20th century."

The seem to have a pretty strong focus.  But the wording is as per normal for 'clean' romance epublishers.

"Vintage Reflections Publishing is open to submissions for all romance including Highlander romances, contemporary romance, and historical romance."

All romance other than that involving consummation?  Being specific about what you publish is fine.  But if you exclude some pretty major types of romance, you are not open for submission of "all romance".

"Romance should not contain any graphic language, violence, or sex."

Including, one assumes the book sold under the category of 'War'.  Yes, I know.  They mean 'on screen' violence, but all the same.... They have also moved into print but do the mean through the shelves (I don't recall ever seeing them shelved but that doesn't meant they aren't), or through online ordering?

"Vintage Reflections’s books are available in trade paperback only through major online outlets, local and national chain bookstores, and distributed through Ingram and Baker & Taylor."

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Most likely. Most likely.