Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Zombie Romance

I am amazed at how many zombie romances are out now.  For example anthologies Hungry for Your Lovethe Loving Dead and My Zombie Valentine.  Not to mention full on zombie erotica like for the Love of the Dead: Gay Zombie Erotica.  There is zombie romance for the young adult crowd (Generation Dead), and well  frankly the list could go on and on.

And now it seems some of them are going the next step--to the big screen.

Most of these books are played at least partly for laughs.  The question is, how many are actually effective as romances?  Because the comments on this post suggest the squick factor is pretty damn high.  But then the only example I have actually read, a short story by Ally Blue, may not be too HEA was crazy sweet in its own demented way.


jenn said...

This, I do not get.

At all.

Angelia Sparrow said...

Been encountering zombie erotica for at least 15 years. There was some in the Hot Blood series. In Grub-girl, she was dead, but aware, sentient and narrating the story. In the other they were voodoo zombies, basically rendered mindless by chemicals and not rotting.

I got picked up for Zombiality, A Queer Take on the Undead, which should come out later this year. Lesbian truckers in a post-zombie apoc. No zombie sex.

I called it a year ago. Vamps are over. Zombies are the next big trend.

Athena Grayson said...

Makes perfect sense. What else is a zombie but an outward manifestation of the virulent conformity that consumes independent thought? For everyone waiting around for the zombie apocalypse, it already came about twenty years ago, when cube farms started infecting office buildings and corporate casual became more than just a small section of JCPenney.

Mari said...

Sorry, I can't see how a zombie can be a romance lead... I'm with Jenn, I don't get it.

jenn said...

While I understand Xandra's comments about the zombie apocalypse, and get that shapeshifter heroes have literal manifestations of their animalistic sides, I just don't see the appeal of a hero (or heroine) who is a mindless consumerist drone. Heroes and heroines should be shooting those things in the face with shotguns, not falling in some kind of decaying love with them.