Sunday, September 19, 2010

Etopia Press

Etopia press is gather manusripts for their opening next year.  Despite a genre-wide range they seem to be aquiring a lot of titles, mainly paranormal, romance and associated genres.  However, as of right now, their website seems to be down.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Emily,

Thanks for the mention. Yes, our site was down for a couple of hours one day last week, but it's back up and running, and changing almost daily with new announcements of authors, upcoming releases, and staff. We'd love to speak to your members about our books and authors, our growing team of top-notch editors, our publishing philosophy, and anything else you'd like to know. Perhaps we could even do an interview with you on our site, or vice versa. In the mean time, thanks again for taking notice of us. And while we will be publishing more than just romance, we're still open for submissions in both erotic romance and erotica. I hope you'll friend/follow us on Facebook (Etopia Press) and Twitter (@etiopiapress) for more information and updates.

Looking forward to speaking with you and your members!


Annie Melton
Executive Editor
Etopia Press