Saturday, September 04, 2010


  • Craigslist has dropped their adult (i.e. freelance prostitution) section under strong presure from the attorneys general of 17 US states.  [link]
  • The German Communist Party distributed free novelties to students to celebrate the new school year--accidentally including pens that project naught images. [link]
  • Salon loves their stereotypes: "I couldn't peer in that tiny window onto someone's interior world, or delight in the juxtaposition that a book choice sometimes presents -- when you notice a stuffy, 90-something grandma buried in a trashy romance novel" contains both 'romance iscrap' and 'old people don't have love and/or sex interests.  Oy. [link]
  • Wallmart gets in trouble for doing what chain books store have been doing for years, racial shelving (separate but equal argument continues). [link]


Anonymous said...

What I find interesting about Wal-Mart is that supposedly they don't stock erotica, yet Zane is all over the place in both stores I frequent. So white erotica is not appropriate, but black erotica is? That's just bizarre.

kirsten saell said...

That's because it isn't erotica, Roslyn--it's AA, don't you know. *shaking head*