Monday, September 06, 2010

MARKET: Hellfire (erotica)

We already have a "Damnation" so I support it is natural that there is also a Hellfire Publishing (Website, Facebook). They plan to launch on December 31st, 2010--it looks to me like their focus is on horror.

"We are seeking the very best writer's of Horror, Sci-fi, Fantasy and Erotica. New authors are welcome and encouraged!" ... "Romance elements are acceptable as long as they are not the front burner story." ... "Same sex erotica is welcome."

My advice on their website would be 1) fix it, 2) nix the hit counter, that is so last century, and three, get off freewebs.

"Hellfire publishing does print on Demand for most titles over 60,000 words, anthologies, and series novels."

Hellfire publishing practises Random capitalisation.

"•Eugene Binkley— President ... •Dawn Binkley— Editor"

Nice to see names. But I do wonder what role is filled by "Keira Kroft who started Hellfire's Facebook event page?

"Our contract is for three years. It requires full rights (digital and print) and is negotiable. We pay royalties of 40% of the cover price and 35% of the cover price on single-author E-books sold through third-party vendors."

Pretty good terms.


Fiona Glass said...

"writer's" as a plural??? Oh dear...

Anonymous said...

Good morning,

Okay, when you put it like that it sounds bad, LOL :) We opened less than a week ago. I threw that website together very fast, because we need submissions to build a company. That is why it's free and has some typos. Thank you for pointing them out, it makes it easier to correct them, seriously. I originally put the site together by myself in a rush. I intend to go over it with a fine tooth comb.

As far as Keira Kroft is concerned yes, that is my pen name. However, I write romantic suspense. Also, I have a book coming out soon, that is being published by Decadent Publishing. We don’t do romance, so it is not a place for me to show case my works.

As far as Damnation Books goes, we aren't in competition with anyone or trying to steal anyone’s customers. As matter of fact, I think Damnation Books is awesome.

I have always been all about the writers. I run a website called So, my point is that we are trying to make more publishing chances to those special writers who otherwise might not have had a chance to get published or sell short stories, if we hadn’t opened.

My inbox is filled with manuscripts from writers known and unknown that don’t care that there is some typos on the website.

When we are up and running and have books to sell. I sincerely hope you will come back to our webpage and check it out then.

Thank you for your time,
Dawn Binkley.

P.S. it’s very early here and I have not had my beloved coffee. I am fairly certain you will find typos here, as well, have fun, LOL :)