Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Rebel ePublishers (all genre)

"Rebel e Publishers is an independent publishing company incorporated in South Africa on the fourth of July 2008 ... The founding members, Caroline Addenbrooke, Joan De La Haye and Jayne Southern, identified what they believed was an opportunity in the publishing world."
Nice to see actual names
"We don't accept any pornography, works promoting hatred of any kind, violence or profanity not pertinent to the story line. In other words if we find it offensive we will not accept it. We're also not looking for fan fiction or erotica."

I love it when submission guidelines basically state: 'Don't send us stuff we will hate.  Good luck working out what that is.'  I mean to do they really mean don't send any fiction containing any violence.  Or just no violence not 'pertinent to the plot'.  Who would write a story with violence unrelated to the plot anyway? Like some guy just leaps through the window, punches a minor character in the face and runs away, all for no reason?

"If you don't know anyone who can help you with the editing, have a look at our About Us page. You are more than welcome to contact one of our editors or have a look further down this page at our Advice section."

Does this mean editing is at the author's expense?

"The Author is hereby mandated to secure copyright to the Work in the same name of the Author,"

"Secure" copyright?  Why? By what method and in what country?

Authors are paid 50% of net.

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