Thursday, September 30, 2010

RT: new name/same deal

As part of the general acronymisation that is pervading romance, it seems Romantic Times is now officially called just "RT".  This ambiguised name reflects the fact that RT Book Review has, for some time now, covered not only romance but most other genres such as urban fantasy, mystery, young adult and even erotica.  I listened to a podcast where this was explained as allowing them to still review books in other genres written by 'their' romance authors.  Gay fiction in general and gay romance or erotica in particular remains very thin on the ground. Does anyone know what their policy on that is these days?


Erastes said...

As far as I know they still aren't accepting glbt for review (although they are happy to take your money for an advert, but won't give you the review that you would get with a het romance) there's no mention of any same sex relationships on their genre index, but it's cleverly worded not to exclude it.

Of course they DO review same sex when it's by one of the Big Names.

veinglory said...

So, romance optional, heterosexuality compulsary. Great.

veinglory said...

p.s. what happened to the RT forums? They dead!

Anonymous said...

The forums are still there, but they moved to a new format a while back:

I don't really keep up there, but have seen a few mentions from readers about m/m. But it's still not very friendly over there for that.

As far as reviews, I think you have to have a woman in the mix to get m/m reviewed and I'm not sure that works for smaller presses...or be named Suzanne Brockmann.