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Bookkake Books

I think it is nice that Bookkake Books has a sense of humor.  At the same time I wish there was more erotca being published in the middle ground between frustratingly coy and 'look at me I so shocking'.  Something more like, it;s a sex book, get over it.

Bookkake seems to be currently depending a lot on public domain erotica in new but frankly fairly unsuitable covers (Venus in Furs with a cat's face?).  So, a purveyor of self-professed dirty, dirty books in clean, clean covers?  Hmmm.

I may be more impressed with their identity as a self-proclaimed alternative to the unethical and unsustainable publishing corporations when(/if) they acquire a book from a living author.

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Monday, October 25, 2010

Could have been a cute promotional gimmick... but isn't

Tickle Your Romance is a Freixenet Sparkling Wine's promotional gimmick that makes a romance cover based on names you provide and a few multi-choice questions.  However it doesn't offer control over the title, cover or blurb and ends up being too blatant in its advertising.  I mean, asking which if four wines best matches your 'romance' and using their colors on the cover would be enough, without making the excerpt all about wine too.  The end result is just a mess and the gallery is full of same-y results with badly cropped pictures... which you can't download to your computer.  Pity.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Erotic Romance, Ebooks and the Readership Booty Call

A lot of people read erotic romance, and they tend to be voracious readers.  They tend to be readers who embrace digital formats.  That makes them a potential gold mine.

This is why I think it has been quite natural that epublishers like Samhain and Lyrical have come to focus on erotica and romance.  I also think it is only natural that erotica and epublishers (like Harlequin) have branched out into epublishing.

However when a print only, intensely literary press (like Salt) known to have some cashflow issues suddenly opens an erotica epublishing imprint and a romance epublishing imprint that starts to look like a... readership booty call.

And when Dorchester goes digital to save costs, while cutting staff, and keeps selling ebook that they no longer hold the rights to that is a... readership booty call.

Which is to say, they want your money but may not be willing to kiss the genre or format on the mouth.  And I have a suspicion that this tactic isn't going to have the profitable outcome they are hoping for.

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Thursday, October 21, 2010


  • Hindus upset over Playboy's usage of yoga as erotica: " shows a "Playboy's Naked Yoga" free video depicting Playmate of the Year Sara Jean Underwood doing various yoga poses on a yoga mat totally naked. It says: "...Sara Jean Underwood wants you to gain an intimate understanding of her asanas...."
  • My Pornographic Doppelganger: "Some were okay with the erotica, but concerned about the sadistic bent of the piece, which explores the wonders of what they used to call carnal flogging."
  • Hilary Duff is a Bestselling Author: "The novel is a romance adventure for young adults about a young photojournalist who travels the world with her best friends. Not exactly a complex idea, but hey, it's for kids." 
  • Fire fit for kindling: "With today's predominant popular novel genre — trashy romance — it would be easy to think the medium is in its final death throes. Yet it's this amorous genre that largely keeps the novel alive, sustaining the fledgling medium from the prospects of an early end in North America." 

Deja Vu?

"Lyrical Press has announced major changes to their publishing house. Although maintaining a foothold in general commercial fiction, the house will now focus mainly on romance and erotica, accepting all sub-genres of both." [press release]

NEW: Secret Cravings

Secret Cravings Publishing. (2010) -- Opening Jan 1st, 2011.

  • "...all genre's of romance"
  • Open to submissions
  • Ebook/paperback
  • Owner: Beth Walker
  • Authors: Cynthia Arsuaga, Drea Becraft, Tonya Renee Callihan, Cherie Denis, Layla Hunter, Mahalia Levey, Dana Littlejohn, Dawne Prochilo, Marianne Stephens, Sandy Sullivan.
  • "No Pornographic materials."

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

MARKET: Intoxication

Renaissance/Sizzler is announcing a new erotic romance imprint. The new (sub?)imprint is called Intoxication.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Demanding Romance

Demanding Romance (2010?)
  • Gay (male) erotic fiction.
  • Not open to submissions (invitation only).
  • Ebooks.
  • Owners/staff not named.
  • Authors: AJ Hardcourt, Julian Dane, Morgan Lee, Taylor McKay.
  • Books released to date: 13

MARKET: Sapphire Books Publishing

Sapphire Books Publishing (July?, 2010)

(Disambiguation from: Sapphire Nights Books, Sapphire Blue Publishing)
  • Lesbian fiction including romance and erotica.
  • Not currently open to submissions.
  • Ebook and print.
  • Owners/staff not named.
  • Authors: Isabella, Jett Abbott.
  • Books released to date: 1 (sample chapters here: pdf)

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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Star Crossed

Fox's new series Lone Star (IMDb) has been cancelled after just two episodes (with four still in the can).  Like most other people, I didn't watch it. 

The story is basically this: a guy wants to give up being a con man for love. That might be kind of interesting, but the guy is in love with two women ("wife" and girlfriend) who don't know about each other.

Given that the pilot received great critical responses it seems that what killed this series was the content--and it is not only romance genre readers who have an issue with infidelity.

Saturday, October 09, 2010

NEW Lady Luck Publishing

Website here.  It seems like maybe this is another press that didn't Google their name? (Or doesn't mind sharing it).

"Lady Luck Publishing is a royalty paying online bookstore. This means once your work has been accepted, it will be sold from Lady Luck Publishing. You’ll receive 25% of your electron sales. If you are one of the fortunate editors for this site, you’ll receive 50% of your electron sales. What this means is: The work you have actually written that is sold from the online bookstore. Not the work that you edit ... Lady Luck Publishing will be offering a 10% royalty to accepted cover art submissions, plus exposure and advertising. "

I can't say I really know what this means, but I don't think I like it. Maybe I just have a suspicious mind, but is the editor really being paid twice what the author gets?

"Lady Luck Publishing will offer a diverse assembly of fiction, which will include but not limited to action, crime, erotica, fantasy, mystery, poetry, romance, sci-fi, speculative fiction, thriller, westerns, LGBT, and yes, there will be horror."

Bottom line, pretty much any genre and any length.

"Indent five spaces for new paragraphs by using the space bar. Please, do not use tab stops."

Oddly specific?

"Scene brakes, flashbacks, or dream sequences should be separated by using these three characters (~*~), "

I can see the bumper sticker now: I brake for scenes.

Time will tell, I suppose.

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Debbie Mac Makes a Move

Best selling romance author has moved from Harlequin, her publisher for almost 30 years, to Random House (Ballantine imprint). Her Harlequin contract was coming to an end, and Random House seems to have made this best selling author a better offer. They have her for at least the next six books/two years (how's that for productivity?). It is rumored that Simon & Schuster and Grand Central also made bids.

Associated Press

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This post is part of the October Blog Chain at Absolute Write where the theme is Masquerade. So I decided to make my post on the subject of 'most bemusing erotic romance cover art involving masks'. Apologies to anyone who made, purchased, used, or just likes these.  What follows is clearly just my own opinion.

# 4: "Why am I wearing a tie?  Well obviously this is a formal mask.  One wouldn't want to lower the tone."

#3: "Dude, you have it all wrong, the proper attire for a formal masquerade is no shirt and no pants... tie optional."

#2: Somehow the mask is the most lifelike part of the cover.... but at least the human and mask componants come from roughly the same dimension of (un)reality.

#1: Unlike with our winner here.  No picture of a man in a mask, just 'shop one in... no one will ever notice!

With special mention to "The Girl in the Golden Mask".   If you think this is gold, I have some very valuable jewellry to sell you. Perhaps they thought 'yellow mask' would summon up the wrong kind of image entirely?

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Blog Update

Hi guys, this is just a quick update on things that are happening with the blog.  Also if you are having any problems with the blog or its feeds, please drop me a comment here.

The redirect from the old url has now been deleted.  I was concerned that the redirect might be what is keeping my pagerank down at 2.  But this mean that if you have not updated your links to the blogspot address, it will be broken now, sorry.

As I mentioned above, I am having trouble getting the pagerank up where the amount of incoming links should put it.  Any suggestions or advice welcome.

I am thinking or replacing the remaining standard html parts of the website with blogspot "pages" as these will be easier to update.  I could then either let go of the domain or map it to the blog.

Please treat this post as an open mic to let me know about anything you like, don't like, or would like to see on this blog.  Thanks.

Saturday, October 02, 2010

The Dream is Over

It seems that 'Fairytales and Dreams'  (remember "Solstice is not the parent company"?) is now a "brand" at Solstice Publishing rather than a free-standing epublisher of childrens' books.

p.s. Disney wants their puppy back.

Friday, October 01, 2010

Alyson Smoke

If bad things come in threes, and Dorchester is the first, Alyson Books may be the second. The question as to whether will successfully reinvent themselves as reputable epublisher remains an open one.

July 1st: "Word continues to arrive on the financial dilemmas of Alyson and that the publisher has stopped paying royalties to several authors." [Queertype]

Oct 1st: "Alyson Books, parent company Here Media has announced that it is dropping Alyson’s print book program and plans to restructure as an e-book only publisher." [PW]

Slate on Samhain Kindlerotica, I can smell the disdain from here.

Full article here


"Christina Brashear, publisher of Samhain Books, explains that she usually makes one title in a series available as a freebie for two weeks, betting that some readers will pay for future titles."

"Amazon is distributing men's erotic fiction, and its bargain-basement Kindle pricing—in many cases, this material, too, is given away for free—means that some of it shows up on "best-seller" lists"

OMG, will nobody think of the children.  Also, why does it matter whether it is for me, for women or for aardvarks?  Or is this journalist literally incapable of believing that women download and buy erotic ebooks.

How Victorian.

"Is it porn? Well—would you tell your mother you were reading it?"

How Freudian.

"Verbal (as opposed to visual) porn for men is probably a niche taste."

Again, how have we gone from Samhain's free reads to talking about men as if they are the only one that either a) matter or b) are morally reprehensible consumers of the prurient (I am genuinely not sure which of these is the intended message. I think it is the latter).

"The Kindle, however, pushes Amazon over the line from mere enabler of erotica to promoter and producer."

Blah, blah, the children, etc.  Clearly we are meant to think the answer is some kind of porn prohibition.

"And, certainly, as a loss-leader strategy, giving away racy stories might be an effective way to sell more Kindles."

Dude, were you not listening to Chrissy?  It is a way publishers sell more books.

"It's hard to believe, though, that Amazon can wander too far down the path of peddling cheap-to-free porn without encountering pushback from Christian and conservative groups."

For self-sufficient grown-ups this is about as worrying as the 'Mother' test.  Not that my mother would care, actually.

"...will the presence of e-books like Compromising Positions at the top of Amazon's charts sully the e-reader's reputation?"

OMG, porn, tee hee,  [Giggle].  Wow, with willys and cooters.  [blush]  How embarrassing for Amazon that people actually want to read this stuff. 

Seriously, Slate.  Grow the hell up.