Sunday, October 03, 2010

Blog Update

Hi guys, this is just a quick update on things that are happening with the blog.  Also if you are having any problems with the blog or its feeds, please drop me a comment here.

The redirect from the old url has now been deleted.  I was concerned that the redirect might be what is keeping my pagerank down at 2.  But this mean that if you have not updated your links to the blogspot address, it will be broken now, sorry.

As I mentioned above, I am having trouble getting the pagerank up where the amount of incoming links should put it.  Any suggestions or advice welcome.

I am thinking or replacing the remaining standard html parts of the website with blogspot "pages" as these will be easier to update.  I could then either let go of the domain or map it to the blog.

Please treat this post as an open mic to let me know about anything you like, don't like, or would like to see on this blog.  Thanks.


Angie said...

Whatever makes it easier for you to update works for me. Can't help with the pagerank thing; if you've got the in-coming links, no clue why the rank isn't higher. :/


veinglory said...

The ways of Google are mysterious