Thursday, October 21, 2010

Deja Vu?

"Lyrical Press has announced major changes to their publishing house. Although maintaining a foothold in general commercial fiction, the house will now focus mainly on romance and erotica, accepting all sub-genres of both." [press release]

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Piper Denna said...

Hi, and thanks for posting about the changes at Lyrical Press. Although we are now focusing on romance and erotica, we're also actively acquiring steam punk and urban fantasy. As with any entity in the publishing business, we go with the ebb and flow, and occasionally must make adjustments to our catalog. Rather than continue to publish genres which have not generated a large audience at our house, we're suggesting authors submit elsewhere--in the hopes they'll gain readership for their work. We feel this is responsible publishing, and is in keeping with our goal to maintain an author-friendly house. (In most basic terms, if an author has low sales, he/she will not be happy. We like our authors to be happy. And successful.)
Thanks again,
Piper Denna EIC at Lyrical Press, Inc.