Saturday, October 09, 2010

NEW Lady Luck Publishing

Website here.  It seems like maybe this is another press that didn't Google their name? (Or doesn't mind sharing it).

"Lady Luck Publishing is a royalty paying online bookstore. This means once your work has been accepted, it will be sold from Lady Luck Publishing. You’ll receive 25% of your electron sales. If you are one of the fortunate editors for this site, you’ll receive 50% of your electron sales. What this means is: The work you have actually written that is sold from the online bookstore. Not the work that you edit ... Lady Luck Publishing will be offering a 10% royalty to accepted cover art submissions, plus exposure and advertising. "

I can't say I really know what this means, but I don't think I like it. Maybe I just have a suspicious mind, but is the editor really being paid twice what the author gets?

"Lady Luck Publishing will offer a diverse assembly of fiction, which will include but not limited to action, crime, erotica, fantasy, mystery, poetry, romance, sci-fi, speculative fiction, thriller, westerns, LGBT, and yes, there will be horror."

Bottom line, pretty much any genre and any length.

"Indent five spaces for new paragraphs by using the space bar. Please, do not use tab stops."

Oddly specific?

"Scene brakes, flashbacks, or dream sequences should be separated by using these three characters (~*~), "

I can see the bumper sticker now: I brake for scenes.

Time will tell, I suppose.


Anonymous said...

Black Horse Online Bookstore Information is a place for; you guessed it, discovering information. Don’t be confused by the name, it is only the one we are using here. We are using this web site for informational purposes, gathering submissions, and sharing useful links.

This web site is necessary because we want to have our submissions ready and for sale on the first day of business. If we opened Lady Luck Publishing now, we would not have any eBooks to sell. We will be opening just as soon as we reach our minim quota.

Are the editors really getting paid twice the authors?

Let's see... free .webs hosting...

Name confusion right from the first paragraph.

Already infringing on the trademark of another publisher...

Mina Kelly said...

It's like they're not even trying to look professional. Free website, aol emails, already in-use name, and I have no idea what's going on with the tab stop thing. Surely that would mess up formatting later on?

Or maybe (like some of my colleagues at work) they're just a bit scared of complicated MS Word things like tabs.

What this means is: The work you have actually written that is sold from the online bookstore. Not the work that you edit.

Is this a new clarification? I believe what they're trying to say is that if you work as one of their editors, you'll receive higher royalties on any books you personally write and publish through them. Which makes me wonder if editors are getting paid at all for editing.

veinglory said...

Yes, they seem to have added a clarification, and I suspect that is what it means. It remains seriously, um, non-standard.

Melisse Aires said...

Wow authors make 25% while the editors make 50%? How weird is that? Of course, if you are the owner and an editor, wouldn't you make about 75% of the sale?