Thursday, October 21, 2010

NEW: Secret Cravings

Secret Cravings Publishing. (2010) -- Opening Jan 1st, 2011.

  • "...all genre's of romance"
  • Open to submissions
  • Ebook/paperback
  • Owner: Beth Walker
  • Authors: Cynthia Arsuaga, Drea Becraft, Tonya Renee Callihan, Cherie Denis, Layla Hunter, Mahalia Levey, Dana Littlejohn, Dawne Prochilo, Marianne Stephens, Sandy Sullivan.
  • "No Pornographic materials."


Anonymous said...

Is this from the publisher's website? "...all genre's of romance"

Great. It's supposed to be "genres."

veinglory said...

That is a bit of an oopsie...

Anonymous said...

And they *still* haven't fixed it.