Monday, November 29, 2010

Are you embarrassed to be seen reading romance?

A company that makes re-usable book covers is promoting them not for the usual reasons of protecting your book from wear and tear, but because:

"Trashy Romance Covers
Hide your embarrassing paperbacks
with witty (or even boring) covers!"

Even more confusing most of the covers offered are emblazoned with terms generally associated with low prestige reading "trashy romance novel" (shudder), "smut", "pool book" and "summer read" for example.  And the standard back is plain white with a huge logo and the name "Hide a Cover".
Which is a bit like trying to conceal a mole by sticking a black jellybean over the top of it.  I can't say I understand this product at all.  The tag line is "read shamelessly" but the ad say "hide what you are embarrassed to be seen reading."  And finally, they are soliciting "romance bloggers" to review a book marketed on the basis that women should be ashamed to read romance in public?


nkkingston said...

I think they're going for glib, and taking the piss out of the already existing market for hiding romance covers. Why hide your brightly coloured sexy romance novels with boring covers, when you can hide your boring books with brightly coloured sexy romance covers?

(What I need is a "hide your obviously 21st century book with a staid victorian cover" for work!)

veinglory said...

I bet you are right. I was never good at things like double-negatives....