Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Blade Closed


With regret and due to unforseen health issues, Blade Publishing will have to close its doors effective November 1, 2010. All books will be removed from third party websites.

Over the next few weeks we will be mailing out reversal of rights letters, along with last royalty payments.

We wish all of our authors well, and much success.



Angie said...

Assuming they follow through and everything goes smoothly, props to them for making a clean end and doing it right. As opposed to the unfortunately more common long, dragged-out and increasingly defensive denials and counter-attacks before the inevitable ending after everyone is angry and exhausted.


jenn said...

Agreed, but it seems that they notified authors via their killed website. At least two found out from sources other than the publisher.

jenn said...
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veinglory said...

Giving authors advance notice would have been classier, even if only by 24hrs. But at least it is a clean break and hopefully the authors get reversion notices.