Sunday, November 28, 2010



Angie said...

Re: the Deneb thing, Deneb is an actual realspace star. That's where Star Trek got it, but it's free for anyone to use. :)


lynneconnolly said...

I read the sample. Ow, just ow. And one of the worst first sentences I've ever read in a novel.

veinglory said...

However the do specifically mention Star Trek as their inspiration... and the story seems to be set in a very Star Trek-like reality.

Sarah J. MacManus said...

I've GOT to get my hands on those Nabokovian love letters! Thanks for posting that, I would never have known, otherwise.

Anonymous said...

This is disturbing. It may of course be only coincidence, but this bit of dialogue (from the "Excerpt for Women"):

“Are you decent?”

“I am.”

She stepped past the door, not knowing whether to be irritated or embarrassed. “You said you were decent!” she accused, since he stood by the sink in front of the mirror as he shaved, not a single scrap of clothing on.

“And I am decent. I also happen to be naked,..."

Is word-for-word from Neil Simon's THE GOODBYE GIRL. Not just the same situation, but the exact dialogue.

Still could be coincidence. I'm not making an accusation. But I noticed it immediately and it bothered me.