Monday, November 22, 2010

Passion in Print Press--first impressions


"Pleasure, Intrigue, Phantasy."

Phantasy?  Phantasy phor phemales phorsooth. Okay, moving on now.

Opened in July, apparently. An imprint of MLR, for heterosexual erotic romance. Owned by Laura Baumbach.  Small publisher with the print focus. 

"Royalty rates are as follows: 15% on net for print and 50% on net for ebook/audio book."

I don't know if that is net for vendors fees only, or more of a red flag.

"Our titles are carried in such outlets as Barnes & Noble, and independent bookstores in North America, Europe and South Africa."

I don't know if this means actually on shelves--i.e. with print distribution under standard industry terms.

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