Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Suspending Disbeleif

In the past I have discussed the conflict of interest inherent in agents also being publishers, and book reviewers accepting fees from authors. Now, via Lee Goldberg's blog, we have an example of an even more tangled situation.

It seems that mystery/horror-focussed Suspense Magazine started an epublisher Suspense Publishing ("...a place where authors can get their book published for far less than traditional self-publishing houses.")  

They then review recommend books from Suspense Publishing in Suspense Magazine without any obvious disclaimer or statement that these are not independent entities.  In fact this 'service' is part of the package: "Suspense Publishing will bring the power of Suspense Magazine to its authors."

Further to that, Suspense Publishing authors include some people who write the reviews for Suspense Magazine. And none of this is a grain of shame or awareness that such mutual back-scratching is very questionable from the point of view of the magazine's readers.

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Unknown said...

My mother used to mutter: "Anything for a buck."

Seems the words lived longer than she did.

Anonymous said...

I think people have good intentions, but just because you can make money out of something does not make it a great idea. (Or maybe I am just naive)

jenn said...

There's so much inbreeding in that the stories are going to have three heads.