Sunday, November 07, 2010

Time to Add Dorchester to the EREC List

It seems that Dorchester is staying in operation primarily as an epublisher but with some planned releases in trade paperback for next year.  I hope this means they are now up to date with royalty payments and on their way to a successful reinvention. 

Dorchester has a long history of being bad with money but good with books.  The choose good books and they edit them well.  While I have long been pessimistic I do feel the publishing landscape will be better if Dorchester successfully transitions to e/POD rather than if they fail and close. 

I am, however, curious as to how the selection was made as to which of the already acquired books will come out in trade paperback and which won't, and whether these paperbacks will be successfully distributed to brick and mortar stores.

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Angelia Sparrow said...

I know they've lost a couple of authors, including Brian Keene, who is BIG.

I dunno. They were on my "Transition to Mass-Market" list. I didn't expect them to come to where I was.