Wednesday, December 15, 2010

5 Best Non-Romance Writers Blogs

I thought that this might be a good time to showcase some writer's blogs I like to visit that are beyond the veiled boundaries of Romancelandia.  Please feel to drop me a few of your own recommendations

1) Lee Goldberg--A Writer's Life (Mystery/Thriller)
LG writes original and TV-series based mysteries such as Adrian Monk books. His blog is an effortless blend of the back story to his own work, a pro's outlook on writing, publishing and television--and some general watchdoggery. Goldberg is aware of what is going on around him in the film and television world and his views are always clear and cogent.

2) The Rusty Nail (Horror)
The Rusty Nail keeps an eye on things on the very small press end of things.  The tag line is: "Reports of Nitwit Lies, Antics, and Strange Goings On. All snark, and no bite", and that is pretty much what you get--in between some baking tips and pictures of orchids.  File this one under guilty pleasure.  This is a place to track the misadventures of part-time writer, full time-narcissist, Nickolaus Pacione without having to interact with him.  Or you could take the moral high road and move right on to....

3) Tobias Buckell (Science Fiction)
TB seems to have his finger on the pulse on SciFilandia and some interesting things to say about the rest of the world as well.  He has also collected some fascinated data on author advances.

4) Donna Barr--The Midnight Library (Graphic Novels)
DB's blog is actual a hot mess, but she is a delight.  So I would suggest popping by this one occasionally just to broaden your horizons (and scar your retinas. OMG, orange, really?)  DB is the creative mad genius behind comics such as Stinz and Desert Peach and has a unique outlook on... well, most things.

5) Susie Bright's Journal (Erotica)
SB is closing in on self-parody, but she is a trail-blazer in erotica and shows no sign of slowing down.  (Unlike her blog which makes my poor computer very constipated).  When it comes to the print end of erotica, especially erotica for women, this is a blog to watch. Also if you want to read about sex and erotica from the point of view of a woman who isn't even going to consider being coy or bashful about it.

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