Friday, December 31, 2010

Erotes, Please

It seems like paranormal M/M romance mines some pretty limited veins (present company included). Vampires demons, angels, werewolves. The anthologies are themed by seasons, holidays, tarot cards, bondage... So, just for a change, here is a suggestion of my own.


Seriously.  The erotes were winged Gods who hung out with Aphrodite.  They were gorgeous young men, gods and tricksters, and especially involved in homosexual love. The four specifically named erotes (a niche number of novellas for a collection?) were...

Eros: God of love, protector of gay men.

Anteros: Given to his brother Eros as a playmate (incest fic?), depicted as longer-haired and with butterfly wings (proto-seme?) His special responsibility was unrequited love and punished those who spurned a sincere offer of love.

Himeros: God of sexual desire.

Pothos: God of longing/yearning.

Eros & Himeros pull the chariot of Aphrodite

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