Tuesday, December 28, 2010

HerStory Books

  • "HerStoryBooks has been created by a collective group of women authors determined to make a difference in the publishing world. We publish modern romance, historical romance, Regency romance and paranormal romance."
  • Using the description "Romantica", does EC know?

  • "HerStory Books publishes rousing sensual romances: historicals, Regency, paranormal, contemporary. If you’re looking for page-turning novels filled with passionate heroes and heroines, welcome!"

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Unknown said...

Yep, we have sent a notice to HerStory Books about their use of the registered trademark Romantica. That term for erotic romance, and the term Quickies for erotic romance short stories, are both registered trademarks of Ellora's Cave Publishing.

We've found that almost all places using these terms without permission are doing so without malicious intent. They just are not aware of the trademarked status of those terms, and do change the usage on their website once we notify them.

Raelene Gorlinsky, Publisher
Ellora's Cave Publishing Inc.