Thursday, December 30, 2010


It looks like the small press gossip blog "the Rusty Nail" got shut down by Wordpress.  Anyone know why?

Edited to add: it has moved here.


Anonymous said...

Internet sleuthing reveals the following:

Complaints as far back as 2007 by npacione, whose wordpress blog is also gone and whose blogspot announces the imminent deletions. I was a little confused, since I assumed from the cached pages of the Rusty Nail that NP was involved with it, but the technorati description specifically says The Rusty Nail was set up to keep track of NP's "every fail".

So I don't know why the Rusty Nail was blogging about NP, but I can kinda see why the guy would want it shut down. If you follow the various blurty and insanejournal links there's more info, but it's pretty much a wall of text.

(I'm kinda hoping fandom_wank or one of its offshoots picks up on this, because their plucky girl detectives usually turn up a lot more useful info and make sense of it! This is not my forte)

Anonymous said...

Actually, clicking another couple of links reveals why it's not on fandom_wank: he's been banned from journalfen and is thus off limits.

veinglory said...

The did blog a lot about Pacione and his adventures in plagiarism etc. But Wordpress didn't seem too bothered and they tended, as far as I could see, to stay in the realm of the factual.

Oh well.

Martina Jells said...

Fun fact, that there is a Berlin-based band called Moderat and they have a song, Rusty Nail. I thought I found reviews on edubirdie on this song and the full album. I was surprised to find out that it was just a blog.