Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Audiopublisher: Pure Obsessions=Crypto-Romance

Pure Obsessions is presented as an audiopublisher of romantic fiction. The greeting has a female voice that kind of suggests either F/F or male customers (?). This feeling is reinforced by the featured story sample which is in female-voiced first person, aimed at a male listener (sort of 'Penthouse confessions style): "I miss the way you fuck...here are a few fantasies to keep you hard at night". 

There are twelve books in total and their target audience seems to be specifically male and heterosexual, their topic seems to be erotica with no real hint of genre romance (relationship, HEA). They have a gay male section but no books in it. Only one book seems to have a male narrator. Most seem to be by the same author. May best guess would be that this is crypto-romance (seeking the erotic romance customer-base but not really providing an erotic romance product).

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