Friday, January 21, 2011

The Business of Taking Your Money

if you make income from your home (writing, websites etc) is can be a good idea to read magazines like Entrepreneur or Fortume to get ideas.  But there is one magazine you can easily afford to avoid.

I picked up a copy of "Home Business" magazine while making a quick trip to the supermarket.  Once I got it home I realised that I had paid  $4.99 for:
  • 25 pages of content that was generally vague and poorly written, so that it was often hard to work out what the point of the article was--very little coverage of specific strategies to make money.
  • 41 pages of advertising, often camouflaged as content--mainly devoted to rather dodgy looking products, franchises and quick money schemes.
I can see the value for the advertiser in targeting potentially gullible home-bound people seeking income streams. But I cannot see what value this publication has for the reader.

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