Monday, January 17, 2011

My attitude re: emails

I really love to get emails letting me know about things that are going on in the world or romance and erotica epublishing.  I sometimes take a little while to reply, and I apologise for that. But there have been a couple of emails recently that I did not reply to, in relation to this Decadent thing.  When it comes to ERECsite, data is absolutely and purely confidential--it goes in, I extract the data and anonymize it, and the email gets deleted. When it comes to just some insider information I love to hear it, I absolutely do, but unless there is a public sources for the information it does not go on the blog.  When it comes to complicated he said/she said, he's lying, she's a bitch strings of email--I don't share and I don't care. Just saying.

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Anonymous said...

That reminds me I need to send you my 2010 numbers.