Sunday, January 23, 2011

Ravenous Romance sales Figures

I see Brenda Hiatt has got some figures for Ravenous.  However given the short time they have been open I am not sure what "earn out" means.  This term is only usually applies to titles that have gone out of print--so the total amount they earned with that press.

"Ravenous E-books......................................................................................................3

Average advance: $200 Median: $200
Standard royalty percentage: 38% elec.
Average earn-out: $530 Median: $500"


Angelia Sparrow said...

Ravenous gives advances.

When a book makes more in royalties than that advance, it has "earned out."

If they give me $200 as an advance, I get nothing else, until the story has earned $200 in royalties. At $201, the royalties become mine.

veinglory said...

In that case this figure is roughly equivalent to a data point I don't usually published, the books total earnings regardl;ess of how long it has been available for sale. I had misunderstood.

Anonymous said...

I know I gave Brenda Hiatt my RR sales figures almost two years ago now and she is just getting around to posting them. I have several RR books that have earned in excess of $1500 apiece (beyond the advance) and are still selling. I do also have a couple that never earned out their advance.

There are authors at RR who are earning way more than this, too. (not me though)

Angela James said...

Angelia is correct. Earn out is the term used for books that have earned out their advances. Some books in the publishing industry are assumed that they will never earn out (meaning the author is really working for an advance, not for royalties, because they'll never see royalties). Common mostly for big name authors and blockbuster books.

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