Saturday, January 22, 2011


The domain is up for renewal.  My plan is to not renew this domain and move that material to "pages" on this blog.  This will make them easier to update.  This migration will occur over the next week or so.


veinglory said...

I have got as far as 'E'. It is taking a while as I am checking all the links and moving some to the dead markets list.

veinglory said...

Done to L.

Anonymous said...

Unless it's an expense thing (and at roughly $10 a year, it shouldn't be), I'd consider renewing the domain and redirecting it to the new site. You've got a lot of google PR build up from having that site there for a while, and some spammer's just going to snap it up and all the google search real estate you've acquired over the years will go toward someone else's pockets, rather than continuing to funnel visitors towards your site.