Wednesday, January 05, 2011


Summerhouse Publishing

"Summerhouse Publishing’s intent is to assist authors who have determined that self-publishing is right for them get their romance and erotica books on the virtual shelves. We provide copy-editing, cover art, marketing and distribution for each and every work accepted. All at no cost to the author."


Mina Kelly said...

It's funny reading their website when so many start-up 'commercial' publishers insist they can't afford to offer editing/marketing/decent covers/reasonable royalties... I'm guessing it's currently a one woman outfit (actually, looking through the FAQs there is a second editor, but that seems to be it) but she seems to have her head screwed on straight.

Gothic Writer said...

I got accepted for a couple erotic romance short stories to them, and they have been wonderful! I don't regret it a bit so far. Great editing, good cover art, updates, etc. I have a novel coming out with Siren and a novella offer from them, and I've enjoyed Summerhouse's approach a lot. I'm not sure how the ebooks will sell, but it's been fun. :)