Friday, February 04, 2011


  • An Open Letter to My Local Bookseller : Frankly I agree.  I have decided to free up mental and wallet space and just pay more for my books.  So how do I stop wasting time talking about loyalty cards.  Would it help if I made a badge saying "do not ask me about your loyalty program".
  • Edited to add: I missed that this story is from 2001: Sex Author Has a Bright Idea: Erotica maven Susue Bright is self-publishing.  But the spin is dizzying.  "Bright is only one of three bestselling authors, along with Stephen King and marketing guru Seth Godin, to publish an e-book on the Web completely on their own." Really?
  • Ready to Star in Your Own Same-Sex Vampire Romance Novel?: Even 'Book By You' has discovered M/M.  When will major print publishers and chain stores?

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