Saturday, February 26, 2011


    treats! Magazine: Yes, this is clearly different
     from the  usual sort of skinny, shaved, white,
    pseudo-lesbian, objectifying softcore pinup.
     No, wait....
  • Does M/M mean erotic romance?: "A rape fantasy fiction book has made the rounds and started up the controversy of labeling, warnings, and what is romance exactly." [three am]
  • No more romance in Warehouse 13?: "It may be a mistake to remove the romance from Warehouse 13; for one thing my wife will probably stop watching it with me, which always makes a show more difficult to keep up with." [TG]
  • Fans of romance novel One Day complain over movie lead: "The problem is if you cast Hathaway as Emma, think how preposterously good-looking Dexter is going to have to be. All of a sudden the whole thing is a tad unbelievable and insincere." [Mail Online]
  • treats! Magazine Launches with Oscar Week Premiere Issue Event: “I was inspired to create a never-before-seen publication in the U.S—aimed at a sophisticated and creative unisex audience—that artistically captures and celebrates the beauty of women as nature made them, without the demeaning harshness of how other mainstream outlets have portrayed them.” [BusinessWire]

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