Monday, February 21, 2011

MARKET MONDAY: Forbidden Fiction

Forbidden Fiction is an erotica publisher seeking transgressive material. They are ostensibly a 'by invitation only' publisher but the invitation includes a request to send them the contact information of other authors "whose writing you think would fit with us."

The seem to be another cause of a confusing hybrid model that includes a free web serial with a 'buy now' option for the full novel, as well as a fee-charging members only website.  So a customer can read the serial daily fee, buy the book, or buy a membership that gives access to all the books.

The member website also intended to allow/host fanfiction based on the books which is an... unusual idea.  And they seem to see their main competition for material as being self-publishing, not other publishers.  ("We know that many authors can self-publish, but the time you spend designing the book format and cover, selling the book and all the technical aspects can take valuable time away from your writing.")

I have to say that if this works it will be fresh, innovative and kind of exciting.  If it doesn't it will be a hot mess.

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