Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Avon Impulse

I seem to have misinterpreted Avon Impulse as an ebookstore when it is more like an epublishing imprint--now accepting submissions.

The marketing speak is so rich you can almost smell the manure: "Avon Impulse has grown organically from our existing publishing program. We're always looking for ways to grow our authors in a marketplace rife with new opportunity"

They are seeking "all genres of romance of all lengths, including (but not limited to): historical, paranormal, contemporary, and erotica"... including out friend Steampunk.  (I would be willing to bet not including GLBT?)

"If you do not receive a response after three months, that means your story is not right for us at that time."  (Classy. I hope they at least have an auto-responder so you know they actually received the submission.)

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