Sunday, March 06, 2011

Links: Ebook News

  • Scanning market for e-book opportunity--Cramped living conditions create room for start-ups to provide homemade content for electronic readers: "Japan's copyright laws permit users to digitise protected works for personal and family use..." []
  • 38 bookshops to close, 300 jobs to go: "REDGroup retail, the owner of Borders, Angus & Robertson and other bookshops, failed late last month with debts of $118 million" [Sydney Morning Herald]
  • Boom in Mills & Boon electronic book sales:  delayed British retread of the previous story that the main reason romance ebooks are selling well is reader shame at reading romance and erotica. It really seems like some journalists do nothing more than paraphrase the PR kits that arrive in their in-boxes? [Telegraph]

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